Communication is a human right.


Image of an AAC device with words overlaid for Vote in many languages.

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

By Kathryn Helland | October 31, 2018
We live in a participatory democracy.  Whatever your political beliefs, our society is best served when everyone takes part in the electoral process.  And I mean everyone!  People with disabilities are often disenfranchised; from inaccessible polling places, to lack of…
Image of a mountain road with an AAC poem

Not Just a Month….

By Kathryn Helland | October 20, 2018
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Image of new Tech OWL logo and link to site is live!

By Kathryn Helland | October 17, 2018
Do you live in Pennsylvania  and need technology to help you lead your life?  The Assistive Technology programs at the Institute on Disabilities have a new website.  It is now easier to find out about all the services, including the…
Image of a very weird statue and some quotes from an AAC user.

All The Words

By Kathryn Helland | October 9, 2018
This AAC Awareness Month, I have been thinking a lot about what it means to have inclusion in the field of augmentative and alternative communication.  It is near impossible to reach the goal of inclusion if we don’t presume the…
Image of a poster advocating for all communication modalities

AAC Awareness Month is here!

By Kathryn Helland | October 1, 2018
October 2018 October is upon us and it is time to celebrate AAC Awareness Month.  It is a great time to recognize, and honor, all the ways in which we, as humans, communicate. I have just returned from the Closing…
Image of ugly wallpaper

Wallpaper your Home(screen)

By Kathryn Helland | September 12, 2018
When we bought our house in Bucks County, we had to contend with lots of wallpaper. There were wallpaper bricks, flowers, metallic ‘splashes’ on an orange background…even the ceilings were wallpapered. Taking down all that paper was like conducting an…
Go Bag items for AAC List

Emergency Preparation for AAC

By Kathryn Helland | September 10, 2018
June 2020 This post was last updated a year ago.  It is now hurricane season again, but so much more has happened in the year 2020. We’ve seen normal life overturned by the Covid-19 pandemic.   Mass protests are taking…
Poster with a road and the words, "My vision impairment should not mean I don't get to have a voice."

AAC and Vision Impairment

By Kathryn Helland | August 31, 2018
Sometimes we assume that someone who is blind or has low vision, won’t be able to access and use AAC.  This is not true. There are ways to make AAC accessible for those who can’t rely on their sight for…
Image of a calendar with core Vocabulary

Core Words for the (rest of the) Month of August: Get, Make, & See

By Kathryn Helland | August 10, 2018
August is a month of warm temperatures, vacations, and leisure activities. Whether it be a trip to the shore, or a trip to the park, we all need words to describe what gives us pleasure.  Here are some core words…
Two people leaning on each other

ACES Takeaways

By Kathryn Helland | August 8, 2018
  It has been a blink of an eye. Our participants have gone back home, and it is hard to describe how much I already miss these people. I am sad that more opportunities like ACES don’t exist in their…

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