Communication is a human right.


Make AAC

By Kim Singleton | February 14, 2017
For years, folks have been making AAC devices and communication boards. With the surge in the ‘makers’ movement and the internet, we can share our ideas and hacks with each other.

Teach Symbols

By Kim Singleton | February 14, 2017
Find and Use Meaningful “Symbols” What are Symbols? Symbols represent meaning For example, picture of remote control & recorded word “TV” represent same message Symbols “stand for” something else – Examples: Objects TV remote = activity of watching show Parts…

Use Switches

By Kim Singleton | February 14, 2017
Using Switches to Access Communication Devices and Apps Switch Accessible Apps List Jane Farrall has an amazing list of apps for tablets that are switch accessible. Check out her list on the following link. Ablenet Switch Selection Guide Ablenet…

Support Beginning Communicators

By Kim Singleton | February 14, 2017
Beginning communicators are individuals of any age, who are in the early stages of communication development. They are using techniques for communicating and need their partner/listener to interpret what they mean. They may be very good at communicating about the…
Family with child in front of AAC device.

Funding for Users & Families

By Kim Singleton | February 3, 2017
There are many resources available to assist with and fund communication supports, services and systems. It is important to keep in mind that funding does not only apply to a device or system itself, but also to the…


By Kim Singleton | February 3, 2017
Funding Sources for AAC Devices The speech-language pathologist performing the evaluation should be able to help you consider ways to pay for a communication device, and it will vary by individual. The format and style of the evaluative report may…
Stack of paperwork

Funding for Professionals

By Kim Singleton | February 3, 2017
Aug COMM Evaluation and Funding As the speech-language pathologist with an expertise in communication and language, consumers may come to you for your assistance in acquiring a communication device. While the consideration and feature matching process for which to speech-generating…

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