Expanding for Tomorrow

Expanding for Tomorrow

Expanding for Tomorrow is the fourth cluster of concepts for the Consider Communication project.

These concepts help us make decisions about how to help someone broaden and grow their communication methods.

A person opening a box with a surprise inside

Opening The Box

Now what? This can be an exciting time for everyone involved in the life of the person getting the AAC…
Two people - one with a triangle hat and one with a trapezoid hat

Who Does What?

Who is part of the AAC decision-making team? Person needing AAC. They should have as much input as possible in…
A book with writing and a head speaking

Choosing Words

What is a Robust Vocabulary? Much of the power of the AAC is the vocabulary selected and the symbols that…
A gear with arrows and different punctuation marks

Consider Changes

As each of us faces a life change or transition, we adjust our needs and behaviors to respond to the…
A horizontal line with two arrows on each end pointing toward vertical lines on each side

Consider The Gap

We need to consider any gap between what a person can understand and what they can say. Receptive communication is…
Head with a light bulb

Consider Understanding

As listeners, we go through several steps to understanding what someone says. First, we must be able to perceive the…
person looking in a mirror icon

Consider Imitation

If you are considering a more robust way to communicate, look at a person’s imitation skills. Imitation skills can help…
a graphic of a person pulling out own hair

Consider Frustration

Is there a problem with the person’s level of frustration and/or challenging behavior? Sometimes, using a more robust system of…
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Ready or Not?

Are there certain skills a person needs before starting to learn AAC? We used to think that was true. Sometimes…
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About Consider Communication

Consider Communication is a project developed to support people with complex communication needs.

The intended consumers of these activities and ideas include but is not limited to:

  • family members
  • direct support providers
  • friends
  • educators
  • health workers
  • people with complex communication needs
  • other interested people

The ideas and concepts that anchor Consider Communication are on this website.

Activities include a full-day learning opportunity as well as follow-up small group video talks.

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The content has been developed and curated by

Kim Singleton, MS, CCC-SLP

Kathryn Helland, MA CCC-SLP

Kathy Beatty, MA CCC-SLP


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The Consider Communication project is made possible through a collaboration between Pennsylvania's Office of Developmental Programs and the TechOWL @ Institute on Disabilities @ Temple University.

TechOWL - Technology for Our Whole Lives is a combination of statewide assistive technology programs including the Assistive Technology Act Program for Pennsylvania.