Encouraging Today

Encouraging Today

Encouraging Today is the third cluster of concepts for the Consider Communication project.

These are strategies and ideas to support and strengthen a person's current communication methods.

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Have Courage

It can feel intimidating when you are told that you need to learn a new skill. We’ve all taken new…
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No Worries

Think about the last time you had to give a presentation in class or defend your opinion to your supervisor.…
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Add One More Step

How do we facilitate the expansion of someone’s communication skills? We do this by staying one step ahead of their…
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You Are A Model

An 18-month-old child has been exposed to 4,380 waking hours of oral language. A typical AAC user, exposed to modeling,…
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Creating Chances

How can we purposely create space and time for a person to communicate? Share space and attention with the person…
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All the Time & Everywhere

Most of us take talking for granted. Most of us only lose our voice when we’re sick. Most of us…
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Making a Connection

The following information is from business and leadership publications. This information is not disability specific. The cool thing is that…
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I Like You.

People who can’t speak can still understand much of what happens around them. They can tell if you connect with,…
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About Consider Communication

Consider Communication is a project developed to support people with complex communication needs.

The intended consumers of these activities and ideas include but is not limited to:

  • family members
  • direct support providers
  • friends
  • educators
  • health workers
  • people with complex communication needs
  • other interested people

The ideas and concepts that anchor Consider Communication are on this website.

Activities include a full-day learning opportunity as well as follow-up small group video talks.

Developed by

The content has been developed and curated by

Kim Singleton, MS, CCC-SLP

Kathryn Helland, MA CCC-SLP

Kathy Beatty, MA CCC-SLP


Made possible by

The Consider Communication project is made possible through a collaboration between Pennsylvania's Office of Developmental Programs and the TechOWL @ Institute on Disabilities @ Temple University.

TechOWL - Technology for Our Whole Lives is a combination of statewide assistive technology programs including the Assistive Technology Act Program for Pennsylvania.