Describing Now

Describing Now

Describing Now is the second cluster of concepts for the Consider Communication project.

These ideas move through a framework to describe what a person is practically expressing. These ideas help us see the baseline skills that are already being used by a person.

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Share What You Know

Who are the experts on how a person with complex needs communicates? Usually, the experts are the people who are…
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Motor Planning

What is Motor Planning?  A skill that allows us to remember and do the steps in the right order to…
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Messages Now

What do we know about communication? Everyone communicates, but not everyone can speak Someone may not speak well enough to…
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What does the person like? • Look at what the person likes to do. • What do they share with…
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Related Skills

What skills play a role in helping us learn to communicate? • Attending is paying attention. Communication depends on each…
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Reasons – Why Communicate?

4 Important Reasons to Communicate Requesting Telling others what we want Making choices Telling others when we need help Controlling…
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On Purpose Or By Accident

Communicating without meaning to The early form of communication: When newborns cry, they are communicating. We respond by giving them…
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What Is Working Now?

A person’s functional communication is what is working best for that person right now. Functional Communication… is anything that helps…
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About Consider Communication

Consider Communication is a project developed to support people with complex communication needs.

The intended consumers of these activities and ideas include but is not limited to:

  • family members
  • direct support providers
  • friends
  • educators
  • health workers
  • people with complex communication needs
  • other interested people

The ideas and concepts that anchor Consider Communication are on this website.

Activities include a full-day learning opportunity as well as follow-up small group video talks.

Developed by

The content has been developed and curated by

Kim Singleton, MS, CCC-SLP

Kathryn Helland, MA CCC-SLP

Kathy Beatty, MA CCC-SLP


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The Consider Communication project is made possible through a collaboration between Pennsylvania's Office of Developmental Programs and the TechOWL @ Institute on Disabilities @ Temple University.

TechOWL - Technology for Our Whole Lives is a combination of statewide assistive technology programs including the Assistive Technology Act Program for Pennsylvania.