Christina Torrison, Elaina Jung, Kristin Baker, Christine Beliveau, Albert Cook




Developmental Disabilities Bulletin

Staff at a day program were trained in Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies and techniques. The goal was to provide training that would allow staff at the centre to use communication strategies when working with their clients. Two training sessions were provided on AAC and communication strategies for all staff at the centre. Additional training was provided on the use of Boardmaker software. The research team also worked directly with four clients and their key workers to implement AAC strategies. These selected staff members were provided with the opportunity to observe and participate in communication intervention sessions with their client. These sessions were intended to provide the staff with AAC skills and knowledge. An initial assessment established the client communication needs and obstacles. A plan was developed for each client and key-worker, and they were trained based on the plan. There was a range of success among the four clients, but impact was seen on both clients and key-workers.

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