Joy Zabala, Gayle Bowser, & Jane Korsten




Closing the Gap

Since its introduction at Closing The Gap in 1994, the SETT Framework (Zabala, 1995) has helped individuals with disabili- ties, family members, and profes- sionals make appropriate assistive technology decisions. SETT is an acronym for Student, Environ- ment, Tasks and Tools. Using the SETT Framework as a guide, teams gather and organize the thoughts, observations, and expe- riences of each member in order to build a common understanding of the strengths, skills, and chal- lenges that the student possesses, the environments in which the student is expected to learn and grow, and the tasks that the stu- dent needs to do or learn to do so that appropriate tools can be con- sidered, selected, and integrated into the student’s educational program. The focus of the SETT Framework is to support student participation and achievement.

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