Maggie Watson, Gregory Lof




Poster presented at the 2011 ASHA Convention, San Diego, CA

Nonspeech oral motor exercises (NSOME) are techniques that do not involve speech production but are used to
influence speaking abilities. These often include blowing bubbles and horns, tongue pushes/wags/curling, pucker/smile
18 movements and other mouth gymnastics . Although often used by many SLPs, the legitimate professional literature 18, 24
refutes the appropriateness of NSOME for intervention to change speech sound productions
.Parents may request NSOME be used because:15 Their child’s previous SLP used NSOME, NSOME objectives may already be on the child’s IEP,They have read testimonial information on the internet encouraging NSOME,There is a proliferation of attractively packaged NSOME products available for purchase,Other professionals (e.g., OT, PT) recommend their use,These exercises provide something concrete for parents to do with their children under the guise of “therapy.”

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