Emily D. Quinn, Alexandria Cook & Charity Rowland




Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Collaboration and information sharing are essential in the fast moving world of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). This paper describes communities of practice, justifies their need in AAC, and introduces the Communication Matrix Community of Practice (CMCoP)—an online community of practice for professionals and family members supporting individuals at the earliest stages of communication development. Stakeholders share the goal of advancing language and communication intervention for individuals with complex communication needs. Features of the CMCoP include a community forum for discussing and sharing information; collections of posts by professionals and nonprofessionals on various topics; an events calendar of AAC-related activities relevant to stakeholders; and a shared science section offering portraits of the communication skills of various populations with severe communication disorders. The utility of these and other CMCoP features in supporting the implementation of AAC assessment and intervention strategies is discussed.

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