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At TechOWL, you can find tools to help a person communicate and more. You can borrow items or get used items. The folks from TechOWL can recommend things to try.

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TechOWL stands for, “Technology for Our Whole Lives.” TechOWL helps people with disabilities explore, find and get the tools and technology they need. Consider Communication is one of many projects under the TechOWL umbrella.

TechOWL has partners across Pennsylvania to help provide local access. There is probably a regional resource center close to you.

TechOWL has a lending library. You can borrow many types of tools and technology for free. These include AAC items. TechOWL also can help you explore a variety of different options at our regional centers. TechOWL helps people with disabilities get free special telephones or used equipment.

Every state has an Assistive Technology (AT) program. These programs help people with disabilities find out about current tools and technology. TechOWL has the program for Pennsylvania. This program is paid for by your tax dollars. In many cases, TechOWL services are available at no cost to you.

Need information about assistive technology? Check out our website and use the Chat button to ask us questions. Visit to learn more.

TechOWL is a part of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University.