Natural Communication

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Natural communication is the way most people exchange information. This happens without any technology, aids or tools. We use our mouth to talk and hands to sign. Gesturing is natural. Facial expressions, body posture, and movements are natural. Even how close to a person we stand communicates information. The tone and loudness of our voices are natural.

To communicate naturally, we need to control our bodies. We need to have control over our movements. We need to move tiny muscles quickly. The different parts of our body need to work together. When we talk, we are constantly coordinating our lungs, vocal folds and mouth. When we sign, we are constantly coordinating our arms, hands, and face. We need to be able to start, continue and stop movements easily.

We use our brains to understand a common language. If we are speaking English, our partners need to know English. If we are using American Sign Language (ASL), our partners need to know ASL.


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Natural communication is a complex process that relies on the integration of cognition, language, physiology, kinetics, proxemics and more.

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