Preparing for AAC Services

Preparing for AAC

As you prepare to serve a person who uses (or may use) AAC, there are some considerations specific to AAC.

AAC in the IEP

***Please note these are suggestions.  All IEPs MUST be individualized to meet the unique needs of each student.  If a student needs AAC, then it is important for that information to be included in the IEP.  This ensures that the…
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AAC Light Tech – Device Backups and More

Light Tech Can Be the Right Tech Light Tech AAC can be the right solution in a number of different circumstances. It should not be seen as “less than” or less important than high tech AAC devices. For one thing,…
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AAC & The Descriptive Teaching Method

Access to Descriptive Language AAC users need to learn language, not just make rote responses. They need the ability to say new things and not just mechanically respond. Many SLPs are now familiar with the concept of Core Vocabulary. These…
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AAC: Core Vocabulary

Everyday Words Without Core Vocabulary, it is impossible to discuss ideas that go beyond the here and now. Imagine you are an AAC user and have only the following words: pizza, dog, ball, chocolate, music, and chips. These nouns, often…
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AAC Using Competencies to Guide Our Work

Having a communication device doesn’t make you an effective communicator any more than having a piano makes you a musician. – Beukelman, 1991 There is more to AAC than a particular communication method, system, or device.  Regardless of how a…
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AAC: Based in Evidence

EBP and AAC What does Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) entail? The ASHA Code of Ethics calls upon SLPs and SLPAs to “evaluate the effectiveness of services provided, technology employed, and products dispensed, and they shall provide services or dispense products only…
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