Preparing for AAC Services

Preparing for AAC

As you prepare to serve a person who uses (or may use) AAC, there are some considerations specific to AAC.

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AAC: Core Vocabulary

Everyday Words Without Core Vocabulary, it is impossible to discuss ideas that go beyond the here and now. Imagine you…
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AAC & The Descriptive Teaching Method

Access to Descriptive Language AAC users need to learn language, not just make rote responses. They need the ability to…
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AAC Light Tech – Device Backups and More

Light Tech Can Be the Right Tech Light Tech AAC can be the right solution in a number of different…
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AAC in the IEP

***Please note these are suggestions.  All IEPs MUST be individualized to meet the unique needs of each student.  If a…
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AAC: Based in Evidence

EBP and AAC What does Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) entail? The ASHA Code of Ethics calls upon SLPs and SLPAs to…
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AAC Using Competencies to Guide Our Work

Having a communication device doesn’t make you an effective communicator any more than having a piano makes you a musician.…