Implementing AAC Services

Implementing AAC Services

As a speech-language pathologist, the foundations of intervention are the same in AAC as they are in our other services. AAC is a different modality of communication but it is still communication. There are some considerations for AAC implementation that are different than other SLP practices.

Green line drawing of a hand holding a cube to represent the word "object".

AAC and Tangible Symbols 

Not all AAC symbols need to be visual. There are many reasons why a student or adult might benefit from a…
Image of a pencil surrounded by icons representing different parts of the academic curriculum.

AAC Curriculum Resources

Learning an AAC system is like learning any language.  Students need to be immersed in their language for the best…
Green book with stars rising

AAC and Literacy

Everyone deserves access to literacy and all students have the ability to learn literacy skills, given the right instructional tools…
Broken touchscreen device

AAC Tech Goes Wrong

Tech happens Devices get spilled on, software gets deleted. Basically, things break. We can take precautions that allow us to…
Kid facing video call screen

AAC and Teletherapy

Since the pandemic, teachers and therapists have worked harder than ever before. It is not easy to make online AAC…
Image of graduation caps in the air.

AAC Users & Transitions

Throughout the lifespan, there are many changes and transitions that can impact AAC users.  Some of these are major life…
Molecule model

AAC Modeling

What is Modeling AAC? Modeling is a strategy that falls under the broader category of Aided Language Stimulation. This technique…