Evaluating for AAC

Evaluating for AAC

AAC Evaluations have some unique and specific requirements - particularly if you are pursuing funding through an insurance company or public entity such as Medicaid or Medicare.

AAC and Physical Access: Options for Every Body 

Not everyone has an easy time pressing a button or interacting with a touchscreen device. How do we support access to…
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AAC Insurance Resources

Support for Insurance Reports Writing a new insurance report can feel like starting off on a trek across the desert…
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AAC Insurance Requests

An insurance request for an AAC system requires specific information.  Each funding source (insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.) and state may…
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AAC Decision Making: The SETT Framework

What is SETT? SETT stands for Student, Environment, Tasks, & Tools. This is a framework that helps to organize the…
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AAC Evaluation and Data Gathering Tools

Below are some tools that can be used to gather data while completing an AAC evaluation.  Whether the evaluation is…