Winter Core Vocabulary

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Sleigh using core vocabulary this holiday and winter season!

Core vocabulary makes up a lot of what we say.  These words are flexible meaning that they can be used across many activities and conversations.  With winter holidays, school breaks, a new year, and the possibility of snow comes with lots of new words.  Of course, providing access to specific words for this season is important (especially words for family and cultural traditions).  But we can also use core vocabulary to talk about these words and concepts too! 

Here are some examples of how core vocabulary can be modeled and used during winter celebrations and activities: 


  • Close the door, it’s chilly outside!
  • 2021 is coming to a close
  • School (and work) is closed!


  • It’s cold outside
  • The snow is cold
  • Bundle up so you don’t catch a cold!


  • Sled down the hill
  • Down the chimney
  • Write down a recipe or a wishlist


  • Happy holidays!
  • Happy New Year!
  • I’m happy for a snow day
  • Happy to see friends and family


  • The fireplace is hot
  • Have a cup of hot chocolate
  • Enjoy a hot meal on a snowy day
  • Get or give a hot ticket item as a gift


  • Make cookies
  • Make a special meal
  • Make a holiday gift wishlist
  • Make a snowman
  • Make memories and traditions


  • Open presents with family and friends
  • School opens again in the new year


  • Play holiday games
  • Play music
  • Play in the snow


  • Put up the tree, lights, decorations, etc.
  • Put on your coat, gloves, scarf, etc.
  • Put cookies on a plate


  • See family and friends
  • See the snow fall down
  • See the lights


  • Take a turn during a game
  • Take a photo or video
  • Take the food to the table
  • Take an extra serving
  • Take this gift

Take the time to connect over the winter season.  Model core vocabulary in the conversations you are already having! 

Free core boards are available to print here at AAC Community

If you or a loved one would like to explore more about AAC in the new year, TechOWL and AAC Community have lots to offer!  Pennsylvanians can learn more about TechOWL’s AAC services here.

Have a very happy and safe holiday season!  

Hali Strickler

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