Free AAC Apps for SLPs

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Updated 4/1/2024

Spring App sales are here! Thanks to Lauren Enders, for creating this PDF of upcoming sales on AAC & Special Education apps.

The PDF with clickable links can be found here and a screen-reader friendly version is available at this link.

Speech pathologists play an important role in assessing people for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). SLPs are trained in language development and can help teams figure out where they need to start. And SLPs are the only ones who can write an insurance report for AAC


It is hard to make recommendations if you don’t know the features of different apps and devices. You need to consider which symbol set to use, how many icons are visible on the screen, and what personalized vocabulary is needed (fringe vocabulary). Most AAC apps work on the Apple iPad. A few also work on other platforms. Check with the app developers for information on other operating systems.

Free AAC Apps

Free AAC apps give you a place to start. They help you assess whether the person can interact with the screen of the iPad or recognize certain types of symbols. Sometimes, you need proof of concept and that’s okay. If you have an iPad, you can start by downloading these free apps.

Buyer beware, you get what you pay for. Free symbol-based apps may not give you access to generative language. Free text to speech apps may not give you an easy way to store sentence starters, or access to quick social language. These apps often require more setup. Here are some examples:

Emergency Communication

Some apps are designed for emergency communication. One example is Alexicom AT “Elements” AAC. These can be used in the ER or ICU:

TechOWL also has its free Covid-19 Communication Boards. These are good to print out and keep in an emergency kit or Go Bag.

Robust Communication

Some app developers offer SLPs free download codes for evaluation purposes. Depending on the organization, you may have to take a few trainings, or provide your ASHA number. This is a great way to add to your evaluation toolkit and to get to know AAC. Here are some ways to get free apps.

AAC App Downloads for Evaluation Purposes

Tobii Dynavox

Go to and Create an Account. Input your ASHA number and you will then have access to free downloads for apps like TD Snap (the new name for Snap Core First) and Snap Scene Lite.

PRC Saltillo

To receive a copy of the TouchChat app, you need to apply to Saltillo’s TouchChat Partners Program. You grant them permission to list your facility as a ToucChat Partner Resource on their website.

NEW! Touchchat Discover offers a 30-day free trial of any of 12 available page-sets including MultiChat15, My QuickChat, 4 Basic, and more. 

To receive a copy of LAMP Words For Life, you need to apply to the App Partner Program and takes two trainings. You provide proof of training, and they will send you a download code.


The company that created Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text offers free apps on a case-by-case basis for evaluation purposes. You can contact them at They have a limited number of codes, but you won’t know until you try. You can also reach out to them through social media.

Speak for Yourself!

You can go to the Speak For Yourself website and use their contact form. Explain how you will use the app for evaluations and AAC trials.

Other Options

This list is not exhaustive, and some companies offer free trials as well. For example, Avaz AAC and CoughDrop, and  Grid for iPad offer short-term trials.

You can also contact app developers on their websites and on social media. Companies have other free resources, such as data collection and evaluation tools.

If you are a grad student or SLP who wants to learn more about augmentative and alternative communication, take a look at the AAC for SLPs modules on our website. Keep in mind that access to real communication requires access to high frequency words (Core Vocabulary). Whether using symbols, or written words, we all need to be able to new things!

If you live in Pennsylvania, you can borrow an iPad with AAC apps from the AT Lending Library at

Looking for AAC Services in Pennsylvania? Check out what services we provide with the licensed SLPs at TechOWL! 

Kathryn Helland

Kathryn is a certified speech-language pathologist and works with children and adults with complex communication needs. She has been with the TechOWL team since 2015 and is currently working on her doctorate. She would like to examine how to best support AAC users in higher education.

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