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AAC users can be found in many professional fields. They may be writers, physicists, computer scientists, or social workers. Some of these areas require a college education.

We invited Mark Steidl to share with us some of the strategies he used to communicate with his professors. Thank you Mark.

My name is Mark Steidl and I am a recent graduate of Community College of Allegheny County.  I have an associates degree in social work foundations. My career goal is to obtain a case management position and work with people with disabilities.
I am a communication device user. Throughout my college career (2013-2020), I began every college class by giving my teachers the required document from the disability services office that explains my accommodations (extra time on tests, notetaker, etc.). I also give my professors a document that explains my disability and strategies for how to engage me in classroom discussions.
Click on this link to see Mark’s Document.
Cover of Mark's document for professors.

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