Supporting AAC Users in the time of Covid-19: Resources for Teletherapy & More

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Families, teachers, and therapists around the globe are working hard to make distance learning effective for all types of students.  What does this look like for students who use AAC?  The following list is based on a presentation given on March 31st, 2020. It is not comprehensive, but rather a starting point.

I hope that this compilation will provide a useful guide. Please feel free to add your favorite resources to the comments below! I will add links to this post. Click on the image below for the PDF of the slide deck. Activities and links are also listed below.

Title slide for Supporting AAC Users in the Time of Covid-19

AAC Implementation Resources and Activities

AAC & Literacy

Reading with core vocabulary support for commenting:
Jane Farrall’s new Comprehensice Literacy For All website:
List of authors and Illustrators doing Online Story Hours

Free Printables

Generation Genius (Science Lesson Plans):
Covid-19 Core Medical Communication
OT Fine Motor and Sensory Activities
Philadelphia Family Resources

Screen Mirroring

iPad to Windows:

Airplay (iPad to Mac):

Science Projects

Video Chats

Visual Schedules

A Day in Our shoes:

Easterseals Illinois Social Closure toolkit: 



YouTube Channels

Fun Science Demos:

Easy Kids Drawings:

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