TechOWL Videos: Getting Started with TouchChat

iPad screen with TouchChat AAC and message: What do I do now?

At our state AT lending library, one of the biggest questions we get is, “Now what?” Borrowers open the big shipping box and may not be sure of their next steps. Here at TechOWL, we are working on creating a series of brief videos to help teams get started.  Over time, we will cover many different devices and apps for AAC users.

Each video will provide short, easy to follow, instructions: how to open the app, how to select a vocabulary file, how to edit a button, etc…. Out intention is to keep each of these clips under two minutes in length. No digging through 30 minute videos on Youtube, trying to find that one thing you need to know how to do!

In the world of AAC apps, we are starting out with TouchChat HD with WordPower. The link below will take you to the TechOWL Youtube channel. Check out the video clips. Let us know what you think. And let us know what you need. 

AAC Videos

No one should feel they don’t know enough to open the box and get started!  

Imposing black shipping box

Are you a resident of Pennsylvania?  Want to borrow devices from the lending library?  Go to


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Kathryn Helland

Kathryn is a certified speech-language pathologist and works with children and adults with complex communication needs. She has been with the TechOWL team since 2015 and is currently working on her doctorate. She would like to examine how to best support AAC users in higher education.

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