ACES Week Two: Check In

Image of ACES participant with butterfly face

We are reaching the final days of ACES.  Goals have crystallized and most technical glitches have been solved.  S now can send emails from her new Tobii I 110.  J is up and running with the CoughDrop app, and his support staff are doing a great job modeling and having conversations.  I’s Proloquo2Go app has been reorganized (with motor planning in mind!) to simplify the interface and make it easier to find vocabulary (all the Rocky icons have been moved to a movie folder and off the home page). Two participants are on the road to getting new devices (and more access to core vocabulary!). A is exploring eye gaze and showing everyone how capable he is.

Image of ACES volunteers with signs.

Image of ACES participants hearing a speaker on Healthy Relationships

Many are reading Ghost Boy and some have also started Dancing Daisies (both books by people who use AAC).  We are also going out to eat, discovering Philly, and simply having fun.

Image of ACES Participant with unicorn horn (MSQRD app)

    Image of ACES participant with birthday tiara.

Data is being collected, of course.  But, more importantly, friendships have formed.  Graduation is Friday, and our plans include ways to keep in touch.  More pictures to come!

Image of ACES parents laughing together.

Image of ACES participant and SLP eating lunch


Image of Dancing Daisies book cover.

                                                         Image of Ghost Boy book cover

Kathryn Helland

Kathryn is a certified speech-language pathologist and works with children and adults with complex communication needs. She has been with the TechOWL team since 2015 and is currently working on her doctorate. She would like to examine how to best support AAC users in higher education.

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