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While looking for resources online, I found a PDF on the ASHA website containing links to free webinars on different topics in AAC. The webinars have all been produced by the AAC – RERC.

What is that, you say? It stands for the Augmentative & Alternative Communication – Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center.  The RERCs were created to improve the effectiveness of services to people with disabilities following the passage of the Rehabilitation Act in 1973.  This RERC is housed at Penn State and includes some of the top researchers in the field of AAC.

I checked the document and all the links are live.  SLPs, you may not be able to get CEUs for these webinars (the ASHA links were no longer active), but anyone who is interested in learning more about AAC implementation should find a wealth of knowledge.  It would be worthwhile to further explore the archives to see what other free gems are hidden there…. Click on the image below to access the PDF.

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Kathryn Helland

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