AAC Boot Camp

AAC Boot Camp Reminder Poster

We can all benefit from the use of cheat sheets and visuals to support AAC trials and implementation.  Here is a boot camp poster created by the AT team at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit in Pennsylvania.

[easy_media_download url=”https://aaccommunity.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/BOOT-CAMP-SHEET-4a-1-pdf-791×1024.jpg” class=”button midnight-blue” text=”Download Poster” force_dl=”1″]

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Kathryn Helland

2 comments on “AAC Boot Camp

  1. Amazing!! My daughter has Rett and for 4 years we have requested an AAC device to the school. We live Helotes, Texas. Your poster just gives us so much hope!!!! Thank you for reinforcing what we are trying to get across to others.

    1. Fantastic! I will relay your comment to the creators of the poster, who are friends of mine. If you are on Facebook, a great group to follow is AAC Through Motivate, Model, and Move Out Of The Way. Kate Ahern, the creator of the group, is a great resource for AAC and girls with Rett Syndrome. Don’t give up!

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