Funding Sources for AAC Devices

The speech-language pathologist performing the evaluation should be able to help you consider ways to pay for a communication device, and it will vary by individual. The format and style of the evaluative report may vary depending on the requirements of funding source (i.e., school-based reports will look different than medical-based reports).

Examples of funding sources include:

  • Local Education Agencies (LEA), School District or Intermediate Units (also, as about school-based Medical Assistance)
  • Medical-based insurance: private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid/Medical Assistance (review the policy coverage for “Durable Medical Equipment)
  • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (for individuals who need a way to communicate at work)
  • Community Organizations and Churches
Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation
Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

PATF offers:

  • Information and assistance about assistive technology, funding resources, and vendors
  • Financial education
  • Financial loans for the purchase of assistive technology