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AAC in Nursing Facilities: Is it Covered? 

By Kathryn Helland | January 10, 2022
Speech therapists (SLPs) have questions about coverage for augmentative and alternative communication devices in nursing homes. There is a lot of confusion about who covers what and where it is covered. Let’s dive in.   How Do We Define Nursing Facilities?   These types of facilities may…
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Winter Core Vocabulary

By Hali Strickler | December 21, 2021
Sleigh using core vocabulary this holiday and winter season! Core vocabulary makes up a lot of what we say.  These words are flexible meaning that they can be used across many activities and conversations.  With winter holidays, school breaks, a…
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Supporting Artists with Disabilities

By Kathryn Helland | December 13, 2021
Consider buying gifts from artists who use AAC. Many of us are doing our holiday shopping last minute. It might be a good year to skip the big box stores and use our spending to make a difference. There are…
ACES: Augmentative Communication Empowerment & Supports Let's Talk About Sex Virtual Learning Series. Photograph of two hands interlocked intimately by two people's sides. The hand on the right has brown and fair skin tones. The land on the left has brown skin tone.

Featured Speakers at ACES December 9 & 16, 2021

By Hali Strickler | December 8, 2021
Join us on December 9 & 16 at 2:00 PM EST! Augmentative Communication Empowerment & Supports (ACES) is pleased to share Donnie TC Denome and Cole Sorensen as guest speakers presenting on “Good Communication, Good Relationships, Good Sex: Communication Tips…
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AAC Users and Thanksgiving

By Kathryn Helland | November 15, 2021
Centering Communication  Let’s talk about some ways we can support AAC users during the holidays. November is a time when we think about gratitude. As society reopens, we can… …be grateful for the chance to see family and friends. …be…
ACES Augmentative Communication Empowerment and Supports. Let's Talk About Sex! Virtual Learning Series. Up close photograph of two people holding hands intimately.

ACES: Let’s Talk About Sex

By Hali Strickler | October 26, 2021
Augmentative Communication Empowerment & Supports (ACES) is pleased to announce the AAC and Me Virtual Learning Series.  This topic is Let’s Talk About Sex!  Join us for a 6-week virtual learning series for AAC users.  Learn and talk about sexuality,…
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Free AAC Apps for SLPs

By Kathryn Helland | October 16, 2021
Speech pathologists play an important role in assessing people for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). SLPs are trained in language development and can help teams figure out where they need to start. And SLPs are the only ones who can…
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Fall Core Vocabulary

By Kathryn Helland | October 7, 2021
A great thing about core vocabulary: High-frequency words don’t change with the season. Fall is here and it is getting colder outside. Beach days are done, and we can look forward to pumpkins and apple cider. Many of us are starting…
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AAC Evaluations: Back to School

By Hali Strickler | September 29, 2021
As September comes to an end, students are back in the classroom. But school in 2021 probably looks a little different than before. While some things might change, the need for access to communication stays the same. It’s time to…

AAC App Sales – October 2021

By Kathryn Helland | September 23, 2021
October 2021 Many AAC companies put their apps on sale for half price in October for International AAC Awareness Month. It is a great time to save money and get communication into the hands of someone who needs it. Each…

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